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Personalize Your Email Marketing For the Holiday Season

*Boing* You Have Mail!

With the holiday season right around the corner, it isn’t too late to make email marketing a part of your holiday plan. If you miss out on this important aspect, it can spell ‘blunder’ for your marketing campaign.

Planning ahead of the holiday season is the ticket to a win-win situation.

Email Marketing for the Holiday Season

Remember, to-the-point and creative emails can grab the attention, increase click and view rates along with promoting and increasing sales. You shouldn’t forget that your email will be among ‘many other’ similar emails that will pop up in the subscriber’s inbox. Thus your email must STAND OUT and create that extra cutting edge to grab attention.

Another very important factor that will give you a jump start is — timeliness. This is a critical aspect for email marketers. When as the holiday season is still a few months away, it’s the perfect time to kick start your promotional wagon.

Divine Tips to Kickstart Holiday Email Marketing Campaign 2016

First and foremost, you need to segment your list according to your customer’s interests, gender, buying frequency, buying patterns, geology and past purchases. This bifurcation will help you target your audience in a systematic and direct way. This also helps build a brand affinity as they feel your brand cares for the customer and this will in turn give a higher probability for them to become loyal and regular customers.

With this, it’s time for the Monks divine intervention, as we guide you on what a perfect holiday marketing email must have.

Hey *name* !

It’s always great to have personalized emails to start the festive buzz, as it implies a direct address to the subscriber and gives a platform for an interaction along with a higher click and read rate. This makes the subscriber not only feel special but also opens up a window for interaction.

With 55% of email subscribers opening their emails on mobile, according to a Litmus report, personalized emails should also be responsive. Responsive emails are synonymous with sales and have higher Return on Investments (ROI) rates. Not to forget, they must also follow Sender Policy Framework (SPF).

Email Campaign- BaileyPersonalised email by email for Christmas

Happy Wishes

Wishes are always welcomed. Sending greetings to the subscriber on the arrival of the holidays or festive season is a great way to break the ice and warm up. Taking this opportunity to send attractive and heavenly greetings via email with a sales and promotional angle will be engaging for the customer.

Holiday Email Marketing Campaign- PoppinHappy holiday wishes email campaign by Poppin

Thanking and Appreciating

Appreciating your customer and thanking them for being a part of your journey is an amazing way to build rapport. But always remember to imbed a feedback or revert option within the email. Creating responsive emails will keep track of your subscriber’s constantly changing interests and views.

Email Marketing Campaign- Neiman MarcusNeiman Marcus Thanksgiving Offer Email

Sells and Sales

Providing the subscriber with promotional coupons, discounts and offers is a sure way to grab their attention. There are various holiday email sale offers sent especially around the festive season. These emails can double up as promotional emails and can also increase the sales. A few are listed below:

  • Staying Ahead: These emails start pouring in months before the actual season. These emails like to warm up customers and attract them towards the brand. They give an early boost to the promotional and marketing cycle.

Holiday Email Campaign- HomeGoodsHomeGoods Christmas Offer Email Campaign

  • Discounts and attractive gifts: Presenting the temptation to win attractive gifts in the holiday season will surely give your promotional activity a boost. With the gifting season on the rise, adding discount vouchers or coupon codes along with it helps the brand to not only pull in new customers but also bring back old subscribers.

Email Marketing Examples- DesignmodoHalloween Email Campaign by Designmodo

  • Last minute gifts: Forgetting is a part of being human. Make sure your customers get extra leverage when it comes to being a last minute shopper. This will not only help them get what they want but also keep you in mind for later times as a cushion to fall back on.

Holiday Email Campaign SecretsalesSecretsales Gift Voucher Email Campaign for Christmas

  • Guide me through: Sending emails with tips and guides for the festive and holiday season are not only educational for the customer but also fuel the marketing of the brand. Helping someone know what sweater patterns are trending and how to pair them up for that oomph factor, to DIY on how to decorate a gift or what to gift this season, will all add up to great marketing wins via email.


Holiday Email Example- Holiday GiftBig Sale Offer Email Marketing Campaign by Holiday Gift

  • Let’s groove together: Introducing a brand event and asking the customer to be part of it is in itself a smart brand promotional scheme. Sending email invites to customers for an upcoming event of the brand or wanting them to join in and give feedback gives the customer a feeling of importance. Invitation emails help set the pace of the festive season for brands to try to rope in customers.

Email Marketing Campaign- EviteEmail Invites by Evite

Holiday Email Marketing Example- AnthropologieEmail Invite for upcoming event by Anthropologie

A walk-through your Holiday checklist

  • Have to-the-point and creative emails that stand out.
  • Timeliness is an important factor to kick start your promotional wagon. Start early for better revenue.
  • Segmentation of your customer list will help you target your audience in a systematic and direct way.
  • Personalized your holiday emails not just by name, but also as per gender, age, geolocation, etc.
  • Go with the trend. Mobile responsive email is the way forward.
  • Free shipping or fast shipping must be a part of your festive email offers. All purchases must be completed by December 21 for those late shoppers.